Despite a par­a­lyz­ing tran­sit strike, NYC res­i­dents have weath­ered the lack of bus and sub­way ser­vice with char­ac­ter­is­tic New York aplomb and fortitude.

There are 8 mil­lion sto­ries in this city and the story of LBH lifters is just one of them. Coach Joe Tri­olo and other LBH lifters have pro­vided car­pool­ing to and from the gym so that no lifter using pub­lic trans­porta­tion should miss a work­out. To fur­ther ensure that LBH mem­bers’ train­ing was not adversely affected, Coach Joe Tri­olo opened the gym on the Fri­day before Christ­mas so that mem­bers who may have missed a work­out could train.

One of our most stal­wart lifters, Qi Cheng, actu­ally rode his bicy­cle sev­eral miles from work in sub-​​freezing tem­per­a­ture, dark­ness, and rush hour traf­fic to train with his team mates. Qi Cheng, Coach Joe Tri­olo and the rest of the Lost Bat­tal­ion Hall Weightlift­ing Team mem­bers are demon­stra­tive of their team motto:

“Be pre­pared to lift any­time, any­where, and under any conditions.”