Video Find: When the Clean and Press was King

Footage of the clean and press being contested at the Empire State Invitational. Date unknown. Uploaded by YouTube user cnclifter. Thanks for this treasure of a clip!

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Len Bacino Demonstrates the Snatch

Step-by-step photos and video of assistant coach and masters lifter Len Bacino snatching 105 kg.
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John Broz on T-Nation: Max Out on Squats Every Day

T-Nation iterview with top coach John Broz, in which he explains that there is no such thing as overtraining.
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Waldemar Baszanowski: Polish Hero

Dresdin Archibald’s in-depth summary of the amazing career of Polish weightlifting great Waldermar Baszanowski, who remains active in the sport and revered as a legend to this day.
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The Transmission of Weightlifting Culture

Archibald Dresdin’s in-depth look at Canadian weightlifting: its history, its culture, and its greats.
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Doug Hepburn and Paul Anderson: Compare and Contrast

With the recent death of Doug Hepburn (CAN) in Vancouver there is renewed interest in this man and his role in the development of our sport. Any discussion of Doug Hepburn automatically brings up the name of Paul Anderson (USA) …
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John Davis Revisited

Guest author Dresdin Archibald’s thoughtful and knowledgeable look at overlooked legend John Henry Davis, the American weightlifter who was undefeated for a 15-year period and ruled the sport in his day.
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Dear USAW: Please Help Our Sport Grow

Imagine this: A youth sees a weightlifting exhibition at his high school. Impressed by the display of strength, skill, and speed he decides to learn Olympic lifting. He walks into a gym, engages the services of a coach, and learns the lifts. His peers, curious of his new activity, follow him to the gym. Some of them become interested in the sport and participate. Before long, some of their friends and contemporaries also become engaged in the sport…
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Weightlifting Equipment Through the Ages

To those of us who have been involved in our sport for a number of decades it sometimes seems that our sport is timeless[…] But if one were to sit down and review all of the changes that have occurred over the last 60 years or more he will be astonished at the number of such changes.
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Remember the Press

The following was contributed by Dresdin Archibald. It takes thorough research and weightlifting knowledge to write an article of this caliber. Dresdin knows this sport. We encourage others to contribute articles to us for publication on our website. History of …
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