Sticky: Help us update our contact list

More people than we can count have graced the platforms at LBH since Morris Weissbrot founded the Olympic weightlifting program in 1962.

We’re trying to compile an e-mail list of current and past LBH team members as well as update the team rosters and add current member profiles.

If you lift for the LBH Weightlifting Team (or if you used to lift for the LBH weightlifting team and want to keep in contact and stay involved on some level), please notify us of your current e-mail address and year of birth.

If you’d like a profile of yourself published on the website, write a brief bio and submit that as well. If writing isn’t your thing, it’s OK–you can just provide bullet points, and Len or I will whip something up for you.

Attach a photo of yourself, preferably lifting during training or competition. If you don’t have a picture of yourself lifting, let us know, and someone can arrange to shoot a photo next time you’re at LBH.

Don’t worry–we won’t ever publish your e-mail on the website or share it with anyone else without your permission, and your year of birth will only be published with your competition results, not on your profile or the team roster.

If you prefer only to have your name listed on the team roster and not be profiled separately, just let us know, and we’ll keep you out of the spotlight.

Send the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your current e-mail address (will remain private)
  3. Your year of birth (will remain private, unless listed in competition results)
  4. Your bio (if you want us to post a profile of you) or corrected bio if your profile is already up but needs updating
  5. A photo (or a request to have a photo taken)

to [email protected].

Thanks for your help!

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