More peo­ple than we can count have graced the plat­forms at LBH since Mor­ris Weiss­brot founded the Olympic weightlift­ing pro­gram in 1962.

We’re try­ing to com­pile an e-​​mail list of cur­rent and past LBH team mem­bers as well as update the team ros­ters and add cur­rent mem­ber profiles.

If you lift for the LBH Weightlift­ing Team (or if you used to lift for the LBH weightlift­ing team and want to keep in con­tact and stay involved on some level), please notify us of your cur­rent e-​​mail address and year of birth.

If you’d like a pro­file of your­self pub­lished on the web­site, write a brief bio and sub­mit that as well. If writ­ing isn’t your thing, it’s OK–you can just pro­vide bul­let points, and Len or I will whip some­thing up for you.

Attach a photo of your­self, prefer­ably lift­ing dur­ing train­ing or com­pe­ti­tion. If you don’t have a pic­ture of your­self lift­ing, let us know, and some­one can arrange to shoot a photo next time you’re at LBH.

Don’t worry–we won’t ever pub­lish your e-​​mail on the web­site or share it with any­one else with­out your per­mis­sion, and your year of birth will only be pub­lished with your com­pe­ti­tion results, not on your pro­file or the team roster.

If you pre­fer only to have your name listed on the team ros­ter and not be pro­filed sep­a­rately, just let us know, and we’ll keep you out of the spotlight.

Send the following:

Your name
Your cur­rent e-​​mail address (will remain private)
Your year of birth (will remain pri­vate, unless listed in com­pe­ti­tion results)
Your bio (if you want us to post a pro­file of you) or cor­rected bio if your pro­file is already up but needs updating
A photo (or a request to have a photo taken)
to [email protected]​lostbattalionhallweightlifting.​org.

Thanks for your help!