Joe Tri­o­lo, USAW Cer­ti­fied Coach

Pop­u­lar Lost Bat­tal­ion Hall weightlift­ing coach Joe Tri­o­lo is known in the sport as a no-non­sense and adroit coach. And, like old-time Boston Celtics play­er-coach Bob Cousy, he’s not averse to step­ping up on the hard­wood when his team needs him.

Joe has over 30 years of expe­ri­ence in the sport and has coached and devel­oped sev­er­al nation­al cham­pi­ons.

Although he puts out fires as a New York City fire­man, Coach Joe cre­ates a firestorm on the lift­ing plat­form.

Burn baby burn!

Joe Tri­o­lo at the 2005 Met­ro­pol­i­tan Open

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