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Weightlifting is the ultimate sport. It requires strength, speed, flexibility, and skill. If you want to learn Olympic weightlifting in New York City or if you already know how to lift and need a place to train locally, then Lost Battalion Hall is the place for you. It is the only place in the city that has a dedicated Olympic weightlifting program. Under the auspices of Coach Joe Triolo you can learn how to perform the Olympic lifts and compete in various events held throughout the year. Click the links below to learn more.


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About Us

In the sport of Olympic style weightlifting, Lost Battalion Hall (LBH) Weightlifting is renowned throughout the world as a breeding ground for champions. The only organized Olympic style weightlifting facility in the New York City Metropolitan area […]
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History of The Lost Battalion

Dur­ing WWI, on Octo­ber 2nd, 1918, units of the 77th “Lib­erty” Divi­sion from New York advanced into the dense ter­rain of the Argonne For­est in France. His­tory was made over the next six days as this unit, the Lost Bat­tal­ion…
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Join Us

Do you live near New York City and want to learn Olympic weightlifting? Are you a weightlifter looking for a place to train, a team to compete with, and a group of fellow enthusiasts to share your passion for the sport? Then join us!
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Location & Hours

The Lost Battalion Hall (LBH) Olympic weightlifting facility is conveniently located on Queens Blvd. It is two blocks east from the Queens Center Mall and two blocks west from the Sears Mall […]
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Meets & Events

Past, present, and upcoming meets and events are listed here.
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